15 Ways to Kickstart Your Curiosity

Are you new to the idea of self-directed learning?

Or do you just want a nudge to get your own  ideas going?

Here’s a list of free and easy ways to kickstart your curiosity. Ready, set, go!

15 Ways to Kickstart Your Curiosity LisaNalbone.comLibrary!

Browse the shelves, areas, displays, nooks and crannies. Check the internet policy.

Explore all the resources, activities, groups and spaces your library offers

Make friends with the librarians and reference desk helpers. Ask questions.

Find the local Friends of the Library information and sales area.

Check out volunteer or internship programs run by the library or the Friends organization.



Crack a book or magazine on a topic you have never read before.

Go to Brainpickings for some new ideas, genres, reviews.

Find a book group to attend, or start one.

Look at Goodreads, start your own account to track and share your reading

Go to an author talk, a reading, a panel discussion, any book/author event.



Find something that needs to be fixed and research how to do it.

Make a list of 5 things you need and 5 you want, and then make one.

Visit a hackerspace or makerspace.

Watch an Ignite Talk, Ted Talk, or go to MakerFaire.com  or DIYdays.com

Check out these sites for how-to and inspiration:



Do you have so of your own favorite ways to get the creativity and curiosity juices flowing?

What will you do today?

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