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Summer Reading & Treats

3 Books for Summer Reading LisaNalbone.comWow – I have some great non-fiction reading  for this week. Half the Sky is my book group pick, Wild comes recommended by a member of the book group, and I have my very own copy of Decisive, thanks to Derek Halpern at Social Triggers.  I loved the Heath Brothers other two books, Made to Stick and Switch.

Summer drink water with cucumber, ginger and lemon balm.
So refreshing!


I am reading while sipping my new favorite concoction water with slices of ginger, cucumber with lemon ice cubes from our very own lemon trees and a sprig of lemon balm.

And when hungry on these hot days I am enjoying some OMG this is Good Gazpacho. IMG_3337 Thanks to the generosity of friends with garden abundance.


The only thing I need is some fiction. Suggestions?

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