C is for Create.

The ABC’s of Learning Beyond School.  Brought to You by the Letter C. 

ABC's of Learning Beyond School Book in the making. Origianl Create artwork by carrie Svozil. LisaNalbone.comCreate.  

Yes, you.  Create.  Or your kids, let them create.

Big things, little things, things that last or not.

Create things that demonstrate what you are learning about.

Create meals, recipes, art, things you need, wild & crazy things, useful and practical things. Clothing, furniture, a bookcase, a solution, a system for keeping up with your tasks. Again, endless possibilities.

Create connections.

Connect. With people, locally or globally. With ideas. About ideas. Create circles for learning, making progress, discussing, creating.

Create communities for learning and doing.

Don’t know how? Find out! ASK! (See the letter A)

Feeling unsure, procrastinating? BEGIN! (See the letter B)

Might make a mistake?  Yes, you might. But you will learn what to change in the future.

And, as you create you build confidence and reasons to celebrate and connect. So, what are you waiting for?


So, please tell me:  What are you creating? How are you connecting?


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