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A Mother’s Day Thank You

you're the greatest!

There are so many people I would love to acknowledge for their support, influence, and contribution to our parenting experiment. I know if I started naming names I would invariably forget to include someone and maybe hurt some feelings. Which I would never, ever want to do.

First, of course thank  you to our mothers, our parents, Dale’s grandparents.

There are a few surrogate mom’s, adopted mom’s, big influencer’s for me who are no longer here. I tip my hat and give thanks to Ruth Hood and Esther Yanai. I miss you. They modeled different types of parenting and relationships and gave me new ideas.

RosemaryPowers, who I consider Dale’s goddess mother, and often our saviour when sleepless nights were  just too much. She babysat Dale once a week from his birth until ..I don’t remember but it was priceless, lifesaving, and much appreciated. Thank you.

And, then the very long list of friends, parents of other kids Dale’s age, neighbors, unschool and homeschool moms, preschool and school teachers,  college buddies, WFoL friends, 4H leaders, music teachers, mentors , our larger community….more experienced parents who shared their stories and gave advice when asked. Time and again. Thank you,

And maybe you didn’t give us advice, per se, but you gave Dale attention, love, affirmation and direction that he needed apart from us. Thank  you.

Thank you all. I hope you know who you are even without me saying your name. Thank you. It made a difference. It shows.

Your turn:Are you lucky enough to have multiple mother figures in your life?  Who are they? How have they helped you in your journey?

I’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Thanks, Lisa



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