A is for Ask

ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to You by the Letter A. 


Ask yourself, your family, neighbors, friends, strangers, people at the park, famous people, unknown people, the internet, twitter, facebook, me. The possibilities are almost endless.

Even if it seems a bit scary.  Or forward. Or presumptuous.

What do you mean, ask? For what?

For information, help, ideas, suggestions, an introduction, book recommendations, resources, a good field trip, a super music teacher, how they learned something, how they solved a problem you are having, for their story.

You might learn the answer to your questions, or something completely different and amazing that you didn’t realize you needed or wanted to learn.


So, tell me:  What would you choose for the letter A?  Is asking hard for you?  Have you found a way to ask that works?  Love to hear your ideas in the comments.    Lisa

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8 thoughts on “A is for Ask”

  1. Seems I’ve spent most of my life trying to find ways to avoid asking! But as I get older and life seems to speed by faster, I find that asking a question can often jump start a task and/or kick things into gear more efficiently – especially when I’m stuck. I can often bypass whole steps simply by asking a question. It’s a way to focus the energy more directly. It’s taken me a long time to learn that I don’t have to know or do it all!

  2. Thanks, Suzie. I think the circumstances make a big difference in whether it feels hard or not. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Lisa

  3. Great series–I’ll look forward to it.

    Asking seems so obvious and simple, doesn’t it? But it really doesn’t come naturally to many of us after childhood. I had to relearn it, and it’s still hard for me under some circumstances. I’ll be keeping your ABC post in mind, though, and hopefully get better. 🙂

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