Dr. Uke Says:

Here is a bit of my ukulele photo fun.

Dr. Uke says, imagine and decide what you will do.

Dr. Uke says imagine, ukulele, candle and imagine by John Lennon on the deck.

Here is a ukulele play along from Uke4U.com.


Dr. Uke says  go and explore, travel!

Dr. Uke says go, explore, travel at LisaNalbone.com
Follow the sun!


Dr Uke says  enjoy a parade and any reason to celebrate.

Dr. Uke says Happy Easter at LIsaNalbone.com
I love a parade!


Dr. Uke says to get outside.

Dr. Uke says Go Outside at LisaNalbone.com
A breath of fresh air!


Dr. Uke says time to Listen , tune-in, and tune-up.

Dr. Uke says tune-in and tune-up at LisaNalbone.com
Tuning time!


So thankful for:

friends, ukulele, music, learning, my camera phone. See how we started.

Dr.  Uke Says Thanks for getting me started at LIsaNalbone.com


Don’t Worry Be Happy or Banish the Blues with Dr. Uke.

Ukulele and Frog: Don't Worry Be Happy photo by LIsa Nalbone


Dr. Uke. says, remember to play!

Valentine Ukulele, Dr. Uke says remember to play at LisaNlabone.com