August Angst

The time is now here

To face your great fear:

“What Should Do We Do With The Kids This Year?

I mean, educationally speaking, my dear.”

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Public or private or homeschool, maybe?

But Unschool or Charter, what will it be?

What’s most important? How to Decide?

What’s best for them or what’s best for me?

What on earth should our priority be?

Math? Mental Health? PE? Reading?

Writing? Test Scores? Budgets for family feeding?


Oh my, oh no, whose advice are we heeding?

Should we just follow or should we be leading?

The decisions are tough, but amid all the noise

Can you just  listen to those girls and boys,

What do THEY need in order to shine,

To  have happy hearts, self-confidence and poise,

To decrease the woes, and increase the joys?

So, pay attention to those you hold dear,

Look for alternatives, both far and near.

You may need to change,

Or adapt or get clear

And– take a breath–get over your fear.


Take some time to reflect.  Don’t worry. You CAN figure it out!

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Need instructions?

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What good fortune we’ve had as a family to have found, allowed, encouraged and accepted Dale finding generous and amazing mentors in his teen/young adult years.

We just had lovely dinner with a couple that made me realize how thankful I am, and how much Dale’s mentors enrich our lives.  It’s so important for teens to learn to find guidance and mentoring in skills that allow them to grow beyond what their family can provide.

Mentors can help children develop their potential in ways that you, as parents, might not ever have imagined. Mentors can provide resources and expertise not available to the parent. When you let go of the fear of losing your child, or of not being the most important source of advice, you allow your child to receive the incredible gift of talents, skills and experience beyond your own.

If you are really, really lucky, in addition to a mentor for your child, you might just find wonderful new friends for yourself, too.



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Okay, I’m SO  inspired!

I “attended” the  2011 – 140 Character Edu Conference via the live streaming- thank you conference organizers for this option. I love that we have this incredible way to be able to participate in conferences across the globe. And if I were a little more savvy about using twitter and hashtags, I could’ve been participating and making comments as I watched.

Amazing! Fabulous!  I’m awed at the power of social media and the technology at our fingertips. Since I was raised in the pre-internet world , I’m still astounded by the spirit of openness and collaboration that is growing.

It was wonderful to hear from educators using social media and technology to help students discover their passions and connect globally.  It’s sad and frustrating to realize how many educators struggle to implement great ideas while fighting a system resistant to change.

It was exciting to hear my baby(@DaleJStephens), the last speaker of the day, talk about UnCollege, hacking your education, and taking self-directed learning to a whole new level.

I’m thrilled that so many folks, from all kinds of backgrounds, are working to innovate and  improve formal and informal education. I loved the speaker’s who reminded us that:

I am hopeful that as we work to create new and better means of education we are also working toward connection, justice, and peace.