How do I..? Need Answers? Workshop Debut September 15

This has been an amazing year+  for Dale  with starting UnCollege, receiving the Thiel Fellowship, writing a book with Penguin, and speaking all over the world. WIth all the press and excitement I have gotten a lot of questions from parents.

Last year I consulted with some filmakers who met Dale in Munich and are raising two sons.  We spoke on Skype.  I was feeling a bit intimidated because, heck, they’d been speakers at the conference!  But as we spoke, I found I had a lot to offer.

After the call, as I’ve talked with others and written posts for this blog,  I ‘ve reflected on some of the things we did at home, in school, afterschool and when unschooling that  helped set the scene for Dale to become who he is.  In looking back I realized that there were many things I used to do with my students that helped them increase their self-motivation and  self-directed skills which could help other parents and children.

That was a long introduction to tell you that I am finally ready to share my strategies and tips in workshop form in just two weeks, on September 15.  If you are interested in finding out workshop details, click here.

I hope some of you, or your friends, can make it to my first Learning Beyond School Parent Workshop!  I  value all the encouragement and comments you have given me this past year and would really appreciate any help spreading the word!

Thanks so much,



Empty Nest, Full Heart

Empty Nest, Full Heart LisaNalbone.comMy nest is empty but my heart is full of:

Love and pride in the amazing human being that is ready to loosen or break the apron strings,spread their wings and fly.

Appreciation for the interesting, joyful, fun adult companion and friend they have become in addition to being my baby.

Sadness to see them leaving and moving beyond me even though I know that is what I intended.

Nostalgia for all the sweet memories and the years that passed so quickly.

Frustration that we didn’t savor the moments more while they were happening, not really understanding how fleeting they would be

Trepidation about the new adventures and adversity the chicks might face without us, no longer needing us to be the guide.

Fear for myself: who am I now? Will I be able to shift smoothly into this new stage and bring my attention back to prioritizing my needs and growth after so many years of focus on preparing the chicks to leave the nest?

Worries I try to hide :

Will they be ok? Will they find love? happiness? security?
Will they still want to talk? laugh? visit?
How do we adapt as a couple?
Why does everyone else seem to transition so easily?
How do other mothers get through the day with no tears?
Why do some seem so happy to send their children off?
What’s wrong with me?

Hope. Can I turn the emptiness of loss into the space to bring forth new creative projects? Maybe ones that have been put on the back burner? Or completely new ones for who I am now?

Joy and Gratitude for all our blessings and choices and new things ahead.

Sigh. Smile. Deep breath.

Cue up Bill Staines song, Child of Mine.

One that has been making me sniffle since those days of what seemed like endless rocking chair time. Especially these sections:

There is a road, and that road is all your own

But we are here, you need not walk alone.

To face, not fear each coming new unknown

Is the way to lift your wings


Child of mine, where spirits fly above

There is but one that belongs to you

So let it grow and it will thrive on love

For it is love that sees us through.


You have hands that will open up the doors,

You may have the hopes this world is waiting for

You are my own, but you are so much more

You are tomorrow on the wing, child of mine.

(excerpted lyrics copyright Bill Staines, Child of Mine)


I’ve learned a lot from my child. Guess I’ve still got things to learn.

Q is for Question????

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School Series. Brought to you by the Letter Q.


Question in order to quench your thirst for knowledge and quicken your curiosity.

Question authority, the status quo, sources of information, power and  money.

Question reasons, background, goals, systems and underlying beliefs.

Query loudly if needed and don’t be afraid to ask:

who,  what,  where,  when,  how,  and

 why,  why,  why?”


Question quality and quantity.

Question quietly, thoughtfully, reflectively.

Question yourself daily,  “Am I doing what matters?”  and give yourself some quiet time to listen.

To Quote :

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.The important thing is to not stop questioning. – Albert Einstein


What do you think is the most important question for you? What word would you have chosen for the letter Q? Why?  

Love to hear from you in the comments, Lisa

P is for Play!

Part of the ABC’s of Learning Beyond School. Brought to you by the Letter P.


Please,oh please, play every day.

Play inside and outside and every which way.

Plan a party, play music, or perform in some plays,

Playing is learning, it’s not just a craze.

You just might solve problems, paint pictures or find new ways,

To make peace, persevere, or get through a maze.

Playing can lead to your passion or path,

Help reduce stress and make you laugh.

I’m up on my pedestal and just have to say

Parents and children you really must play.


What is your favorite way to play?