August Angst, UnCollege Version

August Angst UnCollege version

Here is a little verse written back in 2011 to help you if you are wondering about what educational opportunities you might pursue after high school.


The time is now here

To face your great fear

What should you do

About college this year?

Public or Private, Community or Ivy?

Which major? Which field? What kind of degree?

How long will it take?

What will your debt be?

And will you find a job when you finally get done?

Or only have debt with no time for fun?

Oh so much pressure

To go off to college just like everyone.

Because, if you don’t go

I am sure that you know,

“Would you like fries with that?”

Will be your unending woe.

Isn’t there only ONE road to success?

And if you don’t go won’t your life be a mess?

“You can’t all be Zuckerberg,”

People love to profess

But what if there IS a door number four?

A  great way to learn and not become poor?

To use creativity

To follow your heart and even learn MORE!

What about that idea I’ve heard called UnCollege?

Outside of classrooms you still can gain knowledge,

You can learn in the world,

Without paying a mortgage!

Reading, and research, travel and more,

Internships, mentors and experience galore!

What do YOU want to learn?

Let your mind soar!

It’s not for the lazy, nor the faint-hearted.

You’ll need to work hard and have to get started,

Finding work-shops or conferences,

And attending events even if you get carded.

Look everywhere for ways to connect:  Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter and lo,

Amazing things happen when YOU  help YOURSELF grow.

So forget the limits, reach for the stars!

And as Dr. Seuss said, “Oh! The places you’ll go!”


How do you handle your angst about choices you are making?


August Angst

The time is now here

To face your great fear:

“What Should Do We Do With The Kids This Year?

I mean, educationally speaking, my dear.”

Quote from August Angst at

Public or private or homeschool, maybe?

But Unschool or Charter, what will it be?

What’s most important? How to Decide?

What’s best for them or what’s best for me?

What on earth should our priority be?

Math? Mental Health? PE? Reading?

Writing? Test Scores? Budgets for family feeding?


Oh my, oh no, whose advice are we heeding?

Should we just follow or should we be leading?

The decisions are tough, but amid all the noise

Can you just  listen to those girls and boys,

What do THEY need to learn and feel calm,

To  have happy hearts, self-confidence and poise,

To decrease the woes, and increase the joys?

So, pay attention to those you hold dear,

Look for alternatives, both far and near.

You may need to change,

Or adapt or get clear

And– take a breath–get over your fear.


Take some time to reflect.  Don’t worry. You CAN figure it out!