6 Strategies to Help Embrace Discomfort and Challenges

We all know that life is full of challenges we can’t control, and dealing with challenges and new learning can be uncomfortable.


But why embrace discomfort and challenges?


How is that different than just “sucking it up” and powering through?


Embracing discomfort and challenge makes it easier to find the joy in what ever journey of learning that we’ve been given.

It helps you shift into claiming your power to ask, try and do instead of being a victim of circumstance.

Instead of gritting our teeth and bearing the negative, we can relax into acceptance and find the positive.

How do you make the switch?

Try using these mindset shifts as you allow yourself to practice embracing discomfort and find joy in the learning journey.  

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Master the Magical 15 Minutes


Do you need:

  • A boost for your creative practice and confidence?
  • A spark for your creativity?
  • A tip for beginning to learn something new?
  • A trick for getting unstuck?
  • A method to postpone procrastination?
  • A tool to help your kids with learning something difficult?
  • A self-administered kick in the pants to just get on with a dreaded task?

Just last week Suzi Colpa and I were discussing these ideas with a group of women who attended our Tea and Tales event.    

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Building a Park, Building Community, Building Skills for Lifelong Learning

Most times you can’t see into the future.

You don’t aways know which choices you make and actions you take will “pay off.”

In my experience, there are a few that are absolutely sure bets, no regrets choices.

And they are volunteering with friends, neighbors, and other community members to create spaces to welcome everyone in the community to come together to play, to learn, to celebrate, and to work on accomplishing goals that serve needs greater than your own.

To do hard things together for the greater good, things that lasts beyond your use date. 

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