My mom has a knack for bringing out the best in people.  Even if you insist, as I did many a time, that you “aren’t good at anything,” she’ll help you believe in your talents and realize your potential.

Dale Stephens, 2011 Thiel Fellow, Founder UnCollege.org    Author, Hacking Your Education (Dale says its cheezy to have a testimonial from your kid)


Ashley Hobgrebe testimonial for working with Lisa NalboneI highly recommend working with Lisa. Before talking with her I was feeling confused, stuck and stagnant and ready to drop out of college. She pushed me to see other alternatives. After talking with her, I switched my major to General Studies with a journalism emphasis rather than doing a Journalism degree, which shaves my school time off by three quarters. 

With Lisa’s insight and encouragement, I successfully managed to hack my education — and get a degree out of it, too! 🙂  It is amazing what a 45 minute phone call can do!     Ashley Hogrebe,  


@unschool Lisa is grounded, wise, and compassionate. She brings to the rable a broad background in public and unschooling education, community activism, and self-sufficiency skills. Her ability to synthesize this experiential knowledge makes her an outstanding problem solver in a range of disciplines and life stages. I can reommend her wholeheartedly as someone who will make a difference.

Suzie L., unschoolplus


Jan Schubert, of Bee Happy CandlesI first met Lisa in 1996 when she observed my preschool class bringing her son, Dale, with her.  Although my program was Waldorf based and Lisa’s background was in public school education, I knew that she was a teacher, and after her morning visit asked her for feedback. I was surprised by her honest response and clarity of observation. That was the first of many times since that I have asked Lisa for feedback or advice. Lisa enrolled Dale in my program, giving me the opportunity to witness the depth and breadth of her knowledge base, which is considerable!  Over the years, Lisa has helped me with a multitude of diverse things. These projects ran the gamut from the all important one of forming a home-schooling program for my struggling son to the mundane topic of house cleaning. The primary thing about Lisa is that she is always learning, willing to explore new ideas, and approaches life and others with endless enthusiasm and the utmost professionalism.

 Jan Schubert, Bee Happy Candles


Lisa has the unique ability to observe people and situations and then translate those observations into excellent advice that is insightful and practical.  Beth S.


When I decided to homeschool my special needs daughter in the 6th grade I was overwhelmed by the task ahead of me. Lisa helped to steer me in the right direction through a continuous stream of creative ideas, resources, and approaches. She’s one of those rare individuals who’s heart and soul is invested in the education process and she will not stop until she has exhausted every avenue to find a solution to a problem…She’s made a huge difference in my children’s lives.  Lezlie J.


Marie Bondu's testimonial for Lisa NalboneAs part of a student exchange in 2007-2008 , my son Timothee, who was thirteen and a half at the time, spent 6 months at Lisa’s home. My son never felt homesick thanks to Ms. Nalbone’s attention, devotion, dedication, care and advice. Thanks to this experiece Timothee has gained open-mindedness, maturity, self-assurance and a good perception of how to consider and analyze a situation. His reasoning has greatly improved. Last but not least, after 6 months he could understand English very well and speak fluently. I will always be grateful to Ms. Nalbone for the way she managed to handle my son. She was always positive, encouraging and brought him self-confidence. Today he is a self-assured young man who  has been chosen to enter a prestigious engineer school in Lille (France).      Marie B.


Carrie SvozilLisa is like a light in the overwhelming darkness of breaking through the confines of following the traditional educational route.  She is dedicated to helping you see possibility instead of preconceived rules. She is skilled at finding resources and providing energetic encouragement to keep you progressing past stumbling blocks. Lisa helps you discover your own wayCarrie S.