Lifelong Learning Puzzles

Life gives us lots of choices and challenges for learning.


Life gives us lots of choices and challenges for learning.


But they aren’t the kind of puzzles that come packaged in a box with all the pieces you need ready and waiting to be fitted together.  

And they don’t come with a pretty picture on the front so you know what your final outcome looks like.

Yes, so often in our educational programs, we were only given experiences in solving puzzles that someone else determined should be set in front of us, with already defined pieces and predetermined outcomes.

And then comes life!

Figuring out:


Who we are

What we want to do

How to be a grownup all the time




And then something changes, and you have to start finding and fitting puzzle pieces all over again.

So, what do you do?

How do you figure things out?

By being present and paying attention.

By trusting, and focusing on love instead of fear.

By taking responsibility for learning what you need – by asking questions, trying new things, and doing what matters.

By being open to trying new ways to solve things, by looking honestly at yourself and the situation.

By being brave about trying new things, different things and getting of of your comfort zone when needed.

And when pieces aren’t fitting by being willing to begin again.

And again.

And if you can smile and choose acceptance of and gratitude for whatever comes your way, you can reclaim the joy of learning while playing with new puzzles.

What learning puzzles are you playing with this week?

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