4 Things I Wish I’d Done When We Began Unschooling

When you know better, do better. 4 Thiings I wish I'd done when we began homeschooling at www.LisaNalbone.com

If I’d known then, what I know now..Document, document, document!

4 things I wish I’d done as soon as we started unschooling are:


1. Written in a journal every day

I wish I’d started blogging, even privately, about our learning adventures while we were in the middle of them. (I also wish I’d done this from day one. No baby book in our house!) I did some scrapbooking and haphazard journaling but it doesn’t capture all those wonderful moments. And those things I thought I would never forget? Well, I’m glad for the photos we have, but I wish I’d written the details.  

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