Embracing Discomfort for Lifelong Learning

Embracing Discomfort


Yea, I don’t really like discomfort.


My knee jerk reaction to any discomfort, pain, or uncertainty is to run the opposite direction.   


Or to go immerse myself in fun fiction.


Or to eat a whole container of ice cream.


Or to start cleaning closets and moving furniture.


Or to research and read about the topic that I am avoiding.




I honestly think the first time I really had to deal something really painful and hard with out running away was childbirth!


But avoidance is not helping me get stronger.


Or learn.


Or grow.


So, I wrapped my arms around a huge discomfort I have and made a short video chatting about my thoughts on this topic.  


What about you?


Is embracing discomfort a challenge for you?


How do you get help yourself get out of your comfort zone?


Get through the growing pains?


I’m going to do 5 day challenge this week to practice embracing discomfort and I’ve made a chart to keep track of what I try and do this week.


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Here’s to a week of learning all the time, enthusiastically!


With a big hug for you and discomfort,



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