New Year Learning Resolutions

Have you made any resolutions, picked a word for the year, vowed to change some habits? How about setting goals and outlining your actions steps? Here are a few questions to consider:   What do you want to learn this year?   What do you want to do in your life this year?   How … Read moreNew Year Learning Resolutions

I Love Museum Learning Resources

Museums are one of my favorite resources for learning.   Museum Learning Resources extend your learning beyond the initial visit and inspire creativity, learning, and silliness! I love museums No matter where I see um Tiny modern village or giant ancient city A wealth of learning and opportunity Tours or classes or wandering alone Indoors or … Read moreI Love Museum Learning Resources

Don’t Forget to Go Outside!

Go outside at

Here is one of my core beliefs: to improve parenting, learning, and taking care of yourself, make sure you go outside each day. Let nature nurture. Fresh air, sunshine, feet and hands in the dirt help cure a lot of what ails us.   Need help with stress? Sleep? Moods? Take a walk.   “In … Read moreDon’t Forget to Go Outside!

10 Questions to Practice Reflection: Key to Success in Learning and Life

Do you practice reflection? Reflection is looking clearly and honestly at oneself to take responsibility for your actions, words, thoughts deeds, or undeeds. Reflection is a critical component of learning and personal growth for parents, teachers, leaders and self-directed learners. It helps you learn and practice metacognitive skills. Reflection requires you to pay attention, to … Read more10 Questions to Practice Reflection: Key to Success in Learning and Life