LifeSPARKS Books

LifeSPARKS Books

 The LifeSPARKS  Workbook and Journal are available on Amazon, and the Learning Map is in progress.

The LifeSPARKS Guide and Workbook, with small black and white illustrations, has reflections on A-Z self-directed learning strategies plus examples, tips, interactive exercises, and a wealth of additional resources to help someone get started with self-directed learning or help someone feeling stuck or in transition find a new way of approaching their situation and moving forward.

The LifeSparks Reflections and Journal  is a smaller purse sized book with the A-Z reflections, color illustrations, and blank pages for journaling.

You can read a bit more about the books here.

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LifeSPARKS – Ask hard questions, Try new things, Do what matters: A guide and workbook for nurturing joyful and self-directed lifelong learners  A guide and Workbook

 LifeSPARKS Reflections and Journal

The LifeSPARKS Learning Map and other books are still in draft stage.

Good things are worth waiting for, no?

Progress not perfection is my mantra as I continuously begin new learning adventures.

Carrie Svozil is my good friend as well as the illustrator and cover designer for the workbook and journal.

She and I used many of the A-Z strategies while parenting, helping our parents, furthering our own educations, creating these books, challenging each other, and having lots of good laughs.

Learning with laughter and friends is highly recommended.

webcarriesvozil-12-Edit-150x150Here is a little background from Carrie’s bio: ” For more than 25 years Carrie has pursued a variety of creative arts, taking both handcrafted and digital forms. She has taught individual and group lessons in everything from painting and calligraphy to Photoshop. She has presented her work in craft fairs and freelanced for individuals and companies. She has poured her passion into her brush, her pen, her scroll saw, and her laptop. Along the way she has generously shared her skills with all who wanted to learn.”

books are available at Amazon.


We would both love to know how you are using the books and strategies in your learning adventures.

Please reach out and share your stories or questions with hashtags #asktrydo and #lifesparks on facebook, instagram or twitter  or email me at

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