Learning, Volunteering, Sharing – A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats #BDOG2017

In my LifeSPARKS A-Z strategies  for nurturing lifelong learners- V is for Volunteer and S is for Share.

These are great strategies whether you are nurturing a child, or yourself, to take control of your learning and thrive.

Some of my family’s most significant learning experiences have come from trying to make a contribution to something we care about.

And that has often involved learning from, and with, others who care. Sometimes that has meant  a DIY approach, and sometimes it has involved taking advantage of the generosity of others sharing their expertise.

Collaborating for the common good.  

So in the spirit of learning all the time, enthusiastically and sharing the learning, here is what I cobbled together for adding buttons to our WFol>org website to take advantage of the ability to scedule donations in advance of May 4.

I have no idea if this is the best way to do this, but this is what worked for me.


Making a button to link to your individual Big Day of Giving page:

  1. Go to an online button maker program such as https://dabuttonfactory.com/  (there are other choices)

2.Put in codes for the colors you want – we chose colors from the  toolkit that we used in our marketing materials

3. Select font that matches or coordinates with style of your website

4. Select text size, padding, words and or icons to style the button

5. Download png, and save for later use, if needed

6. Upload png to media library in wordpress

7. Attach custom link to personal big day of giving page to media image

8. Add button image to homepage, posts, or pages that makes sense

9. Publish page or posts with button html/link

10. Go back to edit page or post and select text to see html/css for the button image with link

11. Highlight and copy button image link – html

12. Paste in other pages, posts, or widget areas where you can add text with link

13. Test links once you hit publish

14. Promote!

 On our WFoL.org site we use a studio press theme for WordPress that has a homepage with widget areas that allow adding a button, and other widget areas that allow adding a button fairly easily.

Hope this helps!

XO Learning all the time, Lisa





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