3 Simple Steps for Self-directed, Lifelong Learning

3 steps for self-directed lifelong learning at www.LisaNalbone.com

Here is a link to my guest post titled How to Use the Ask Try Do Framework for Self-directed Learning published on the Outschool blog.   OUTSCHOOL is a platform to make it easier for finding and offering activities for homeschoolers, something that would have been great to have while we were unschooling.

The post is about using the Ask-Try-Do framework, explained in my book, and applying it in two subject areas—writing and history.

Transitioning from the school mentality to self-directed learning can be tricky at first.

Like peeling an onion,  making the change to self-directed learning can happen one layer at a time.

Here are two examples of applying the Ask-Try-Do Framework to subject areas from our homeschooling journey. 

I hope these examples help you imagine how you might help your and your family direct your own learning!  Of course, there are more examples and tips to help you ask hard questions, try new things, and do what matters in the LifeSPARKS Workbook.

These three steps are deceptively simple. They often require soul searching and change. To read on, here is the link to the blog post: http://blog.outschool.com/how-to-use-the-ask-try-do-framework-for-self-directed-learning/

3-steps-self-directed-lifelong-learning at www.lisanalbone.com


Over to you:

Does this 3-step framework seem useful?

Are you interested in self-directed learning?

How would you apply Ask-Try-Do to a learning a specific subject area?

Please add your ideas in the comments, thanks!


Learning all the time, enthusiastically – Lisa

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