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Who are the LifeSPARKS books  for?

These books are for you if you want to shift your mindsets and approach to learning in order to joyfully navigate the circumstances, surprises, and transitions in life –whether you are a parent, teacher, caregiver, or young adult in high school or college, or nearing retirement and wondering “what next?”

Read on to see what each book includes.

Why read the LIFESPARKS Guide and Workbook?

To find insights, inspiration, tips, and A-Z strategies to support a lifelong journey of joyful learning and courageous action–

for you and your kids.

Self-directed learning

  • Projects with purpose.
  • Learning-by-doing.
  • Building community.
  • Defining authentic success.
  • Making change.
  • With confidence and joy!
  • Again and again. All life long.

t isn’t a recipe book telling you exactly what to do. Because you are you, and your child is not Dale.

But you will find what I’ve learned, often the hard way, both in the classroom and from unschooling my child, and myself.

Choices and challenges for big picture thinking with simple action steps to create the best path and environment for your goals.

A few kind words about the LifeSPARKS Guide and Workbook from Amazon reviews:

“I found this book very helpful. It has a lot of great ideas and presents a very clear outline for “how to”. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is considering either homeschool or is merely looking to supplement their child’s school learning experience.”  Amazon customer
“This is the only book I need! When I hit a block, I open to any page, and immediately get insight and inspiration.”  Marie Jensen
Lisa Nalbone is an expert at life-long learning. After seeing her work with UnCollege, working with her and also reading her book… I know that teacher, facilitators, coaches, and really any human that is curious and support others would benefit from Lisa’s process….bellavie92

LifeSPARKS – Ask hard questions, Try new things,  Do what matters: A Guide and Workbook for Nurturing Joyful and Self-directed Lifelong Learners 

The Guide and Workbook is 130 pages in an 8.5 x 11 inch black and white format.

Each chapter begins with the same illustration and poem-like reflection on theA-Z  strategy for lifelong learning that will be further developed and discussed in the chapter.

Using a 4-page format, each chapter contains explanations, tips,and exercises for you to engage with about how you have used and how you might use that strategy in your life, and how you help your child develop and use the strategy for their learning.

In this book, the examples included, and the preface and introduction are geared toward parents, teachers, or mentors wondering how to help children become more curious, motivated, and engaged learners.

You can  buy the Workbook at Amazon :

Buy the book LifeSPARKS by Lisa Nalbone at Amazon

Why Read the LifeSPARKS Reflections and Journal?



Kind words sent in from a reader:

I am so very grateful for the LifeSPARKS Journal. The content is so uplifting and encouraging…words to live by, for sure. I would like to send copies to my two friends who are experiencing challenging medical situations. I am very impressed with your designs on each page and the creative layout. I especially like the pages that rhyme. This is life’s philosophy in a nutshell. It is a good reminder of all the positives, my strategy is to reflect on it each time I watch the news or read the newspaper. This could be the key to surviving Trump.”  Bobbi H.

The journal can work as a companion to the Guide and Workbook or a stand alone book of inspiration for your journey of lifelong learning whatever life surprised you may be encountering.

The journal is 90 pages and at 4.3 x 7 inches will fit easily in the hand.

The Journal has full-color illustrations accompanying the poem like reflection of the ABCs for Lifelong Learning.

There is a blank page for you to journal following each poem.

After the letter Z you will find additional pages for journaling  with the grey tone spark design in the top corner of the page.

Here is the link to buy the journal at Amazon: *  Buy the LifeSPARKS Journal

* Please note, because we published the journal using Ingram Spark print on demand services ( for better color and size choices) the listing at Amazon will sometimes say “may take a few extra  days to  ship” or “Currently out of stock”.  It is true it may take a few extra days, but you can always still order the book. Print on demand books don’t print until they are ordered!


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