Creating a Roadmap for Your Journey

It’s that time of year. The season for reflecting on the year that is coming to an end and thinking ahead about how you want your next year of learning and living to look.

One of the greatest benefits I see in homeschooling and unschooling is taking the time to help our children learn to plan and reach their goals.

We can show them how you take a big dream and break it down into action steps. And how to schedule and measure the steps to evaluate your progress.

The secret of self-directed learning is keeping curiosity alive while learning how to set and carry out your goals in life.  

Create the roadmap for your journeyI am doing that for myself right now. I’m trying to figure out how to fit everything in, and how to focus and plan so that I get things done instead of just talking about getting things done.

I made a four-page tool to help create a roadmap for the year ahead.

  • One is for big picture planning and focus and setting no more than 3-5 main goals.
  • Two has a chart where you break down each goal into action steps.
  • Three is to help you remember to include planning for your health, leisure, relationships, and new connections.
  • Four, a chart of the months of the year, is for you to plan ahead and assign items to each month, both action steps and items from the health, leisure, relationships, new connections chart.
  • It is hard to accomplish goals when they are too general. Case in point, me and my book and inconsistency with my blog and newsletter. My goals were general instead of specific and planned with a calendar and deadlines. I didn’t plan ahead for taking care of myself and rest.

    When I said I was going to write a book, I forgot to make my goal SMART:

    • S – Specific – define the details up front
    • M – Measurable – how will you measure/evaluate completion/value?
    • A -Attainable – do you have the skills/resources you need?
    • R – Relevant – why is this a priority?
    • T – Time-bound- when is your deadline?

When your goal is SMART, it is much easier to break it down into action steps.

I made myself a sheet to write out each  SMART goal in detail.

Of course, once you know the steps you want to take, you need to put them on your calendar. It helps to create a habit, a daily routine for using your calendar and tracking your goals.

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