12 Motivation Makers

12 Motivation Makers

We can’t make someone else, like our kids, be motivated and we can’t motivate them.  We can help them develop their own intrinsic motivation muscle that they can call on to build confidence and independence.  We might also want to strengthen our own motivation muscle. So what can we do?

We can work on creating the conditions that make intrinsic motivation grow and flourish. Banish the motivation killers, and plan to put these motivation makers in their place.


12 Motivation Makers

1.  A full Cup:  Good health habits for hydration, nutrition, exercise, rest, play and sleep.

2.  Mindsets: Growth – I can learn and do what I put effort into and overcome obstacles, and Yes I will do it!

3.  Choice-Agency-Options: I have options to pursue my interests and the power to choose. I can decide what to try. 

4.  Meaning and Purpose: I know exactly what I want to do and why I want to do it! I set my goals.

5.  Clarity and Focus: I know what step to take next and when I will take it. I know my timeline for meeting my goals.

6.  Mastery/Challenge:  Finding the Goldilocks just right  level of challenge in your zpd (zone of proximal development) and  “getting it,” whatever it might be. Nobody feels motivated if bored by things that are too easy or overwhelmed by difficulty.

7.  Movement:  Plenty of  daily physical movement and monitoring/reflecting so you can appreciate your progress.

8.  Creativity Culture: Encourages trying new things, making things, arts, cross connections. 

9.  Meditation/Nature: Accessing a renewable source of stillness, energy, inspiration and grounding. ( You will find me with my feet in the grass and heading into my garden every morning. What can you do?)

10. Community:  I am not alone and I know folks who care when I say, “Look what I’m working on, what are you working on.”

11. Mentoring/Support:  I can  ask  ________________  for help and/or feedback.

12. Completion and Celebration: I did it! I met my goals. I accomplished ___________. I learned ________.


12 Motivation Makers pinterest pinHow do you create the conditions for motivation makers in your family?


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