Got UnCollege or Unschooling Angst? Try these 5 Mindsets

Got UnCollege or Unschooling Angst? Try these 5 Mindsets

Isn’t it amazing that we have so many new ways we can learn and take charge of our learning?

And isn’t scary that we have so many new ways to take charge of our learning?

Because if I’m in charge, then who do I blame if I don’t get it “right?”  How can I guarantee success?

Got UnCollege Angst? Try these 5 mindsets to take charge of your learning lwww.lisanalbone.comReality check: the world is changing quickly.  Careers, information and approaches that made sense even ten years ago don’t always make sense today. You can’t guarantee “success.”  An expensive degree doesn’t  guarantee success. But you can choose to define success in your own terms and prepare to thrive in an uncertain future.  If you are helping your child, you decide to focus on laying a foundation for the long game.

But how can I do that?

Adopt these 5 Mindsets

Master  and model the secret of lifelong learning and take charge of your learning. Because, the real secret is to own your learning in any situation. You become the master of your destiny, or as close as you can get to thriving with whatever life throws you, when you adopt these 5 mindsets.

  1. Growth mindset: that you can learn and improve if you are intentional, deliberate, and make the effort.  Mistakes or failure are data for growth and learning.
  2. Unschooler mindset: if you are alive you are learning. Learning happens any time, any place, and with anyone. Trust the process.
  3. 100% Responsibility Mindset: what you choose to do, everyday, matters. You are responsible for your life and learning and actions.
  4. Reflective Mindset: a daily practice of honest reflection to help you keep your actions in line with your values. Honesty and integrity rule.
  5. Connection Mindset: We are all connected. Helping others is the way to help yourself. Connect, contribute and express gratitude.

These are the mindsets we lived by while we were raising Dale and during our unschooling years. These are the mindsets Uncollege Fellows develop during their Gap Year program which is an intentional learning year, a smart year on rather than a year off.

They are the mindsets I try to live by every day.

Rosemary Powers contemplating Hacking Your Education by Dale J Stephens and the UnCollege Gap Year at
You can be any age to consider UnCollege and Hacking your Education.

It sounds so simple, right? In some ways, it really is. Yet they can be radical changes to how we operate and require courage, confidence and a community of support. Taking responsibility and going against the grain is worthwhile but not for the faint-hearted. The good news is there are so many new ways to connect and find support!

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Remember, self-directed learning doesn’t mean you have to learn alone.

Be part of the adventure.


Do you have fear or uncertainty about trying, unschoolingUnCollege Gap Year or Hacking Your Education?

For a little silliness on the subject read this,  August Angst, UnCollege poem.


Let’s have a conversation:
What mindsets do you operate with?

Have you thought about trying unschooling, uncollege or a gap year?   What was the response?

 If you are a parent, how would you feel about your child taking an unconventional path for college?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Lisa


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